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Chemical Watersealing

Reaching across the globe

We are a South African based company with service delivery reaching across the globe.

With over 24 years experience we are proud to call ourselves experts in the field of underground water sealing, water control, water tracing and support/stabilisation techniques.

What we strive for

Our Mission

At Chemical Watersealing our mission is to seal any and all water related problems. There is no doubt that this is a superior system which has proved time and time again that success can be achieved when other methods have failed.

To provide you with our specialised grout pumps, equipment and of course our unbeaten watersealing chemicals.

Because we blend the chemicals ourselves, we are able to modify the chemicals’ reactions to suit any unique watersealing challenges.

Our chemicals are not hazardous and can be transported via truck, ship or air to any destination in the world with ease. We have a 100% safety record.

The secret to our success lies within our own developed and patented chemicals

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