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Sealing underground water and water control

Sealing underground water and water control

Thanks to our range of Proseal Chemicals, there is no underground water problems that we can't solve. We have successfully sealed : fissures, footwalls, fractured rock, drilled holes, roofbolts and split sets, dams and plugs, shafts and tunnels and we are able to seal from the surface.


During any shaft or open cast mining process, you will often encounter waterbearing fissures. These should never be underestimated but at the same time should not be feared. We specialise in sealing fissures underground and in open cast mines.

Using our range Proseal chemicals in combination with opc cement, we will inject and grout the fissure in a ring pattern to securely seal all water, allowing for the mining process to continue with absolute minimum down time.

We have successfully sealed fissures measuring 1,2m wide with a pressure of over 12 bar.


We understand how important safety is in a mine, and keeping your footwall dry should be a top priority. Any water seeping from the footwall, whether it is a fissure blowing out or even nuisance water, our injection chemicals and methods have proven themselves time and again.


Fractured Rock

When mining through a waterbearing zone. Water seeping from the hanging wall and side walls is common occurrence. We drill into the rock to intercept the water, and inject a two part chemical with a variable activation time ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. This allows the chemical to easily travel through all cracks and seal the water.

We can seal cracks up to 15mm in width.

We can add additional components to seal larger cracks that has faster flowing water.


Drilled holes

Any drilled holes, cover or exploration, are normally grouted up with cement. This however is a tedious exercise that takes a lot of time and uses a lot of cement. But when adding our HUB-3 chemical to the process, the grouting time can be reduced by up to 5 times! The cost of using this method saves time and money.

Roof Bolts and Split Sets

Sealing anchor bolts and split sets are another specialty of ours! We first drill into the water that intercepts with the anchor bolt, then we inject HUB-3 chemical.

A specialised telescopic packer is inserted directly into the split set whereafter chemical is injected into the split set to seal off all water in and around the split set.

Dams and plugs

Underground dams/plugs are well known to have water leakages. Even if the dam/plug has been keyed into the side wall, water will still seep between the rock and the concrete. Also due to the blasting, the tunnel walls would have been fractured and water will leak/pour through these cracks. Our range of injection chemicals allows us to intercept this water flow and seal it off completely. This can be done before the dam is filled or after, thus problem dams do not need to be drained. Outlet pipes can also be sealed with ease.


Shafts and tunnels

Sealing from surface

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