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Chemical Watersealing Specialists South Africa

We are specialists in what we do

At Chemical Watersealing our mission is to seal any and all water related problems. There is no doubt that this is a superior system which has proved time and time again that success can be achieved when other methods have failed.

Our aim is to provide you with our specialised grout pumps, equipment and of course our unbeaten watersealing chemicals. Because we blend the chemicals ourselves, we are able to modify the chemicals’ reactions to suit any unique watersealing challenges.

Our chemicals are not hazardous and can be transported via truck, ship or air to any destination in the world with ease.

We can provide professional on site training to your own teams to enable you to do your own watersealing as and when required. That way the mine can solve any further water problems in the future immediately. This results in the mine losing the least amount of production time.

Professional consulting and site visits can be arranged to further ensure your quality watersealing grouting.

We specialise in the sealing of fast flowing water. Where others have failed due to their chemicals having a slow reaction time, resulting in washout. Our Proseal 20 Chemical activates in less than 1 second! This means that we can seal water with large flow rates and pressure before washout occurs. Our chemicals can be used on their own or in conjunction with cement, this creates an impervious rubber and cement seal that remains flexible.

We do watersealing in shaft mines, sealing underground or from surface if necessary. We also seal water in open cast mines. Our equipment is specially designed so that the sealing team can be mobile.

We will gladly also supply you with all the necessary chemical pumps, cementation pumps, high pressure valves, packers etc. All equipment related to watersealing for your mine. One service over one roof!

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